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My Emo Prosecutor May 1, 2008

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Lately I’ve been playing Phoenix Wright: Justice For All, the second game in the Ace Attorney series. (Why is it so hard to figure out the series numbering from the box? I nearly confused myself into playing the third game first, which would have been bad because of spoilers.)

I’m on the third case, and still no sign of Edgeworth. Cry. Where is my pink, ruffly, emo prosecutor? (Okay, so von Karma is one out of the three…) Phoenix keeps talking about him as if he’d died, which I know he hasn’t done because he’s in all these later games. Right now I’m doing the case of the circus ringmaster, which isn’t quite as fun as the prior case (the one in Maya’s hometown) because it’s not as closely linked to the recurring characters. I rather enjoy all the backstory and character information that comes out in those cases.

In other news, I’m half-paying-attention while my friend Sasarai plays Final Fantasy X for the first time. I’ve played it before, so I’m mostly just wandering in to watch plot scenes and to occasionally comment on the pretty backgrounds and Tidus’s eerie resemblance to Meg Ryan.


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