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Let’s put the N in Goers! May 2, 2008

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Listening to Sasarai play blitzball in the other room, complete with the voice-acted sports commentary, is amusing. It’s kind of strange that, after all that buildup to the blitzball tournament, you can totally lose it, and then everyone just kind of forgets about it and goes on with the plot.

So apparently the blitzball rules aren’t in the FFX instruction manual. I find this surprising– after all, the role of an instruction manual is ostensibly to tell you how to play the game. And it’s not exactly a spoiler that you get to play blitzball; after all, when your hero is a pro mini-game player, you can already bet you’re going to get to play that sport. Back in my day, instruction manuals had everything you’d ever need, from game controls to hint sections in the back to extensive item lists to completely spoilery walkthroughs of most of the game. I feel like most of the manuals I’ve looked at lately have sort of crapped out on their duties.

Is it just me, or are manuals nowadays heading more and more towards being a map of the controller in the way that you’d figure out in three seconds of button-pushing, plus lots of uninformative hinting about things that won’t be revealed until you play the game? Perhaps it’s just the ones I’ve seen, because lately I’ve been buying most of my games used and manual-less, but they seem so skimped-on nowadays that I feel like something precious is lost. Perhaps it’s just that I liked the tactile feel of having a little booklet connecting myself to the abstract and virtual world I was spending so much of my time playing around in.

In other FFX news, well, I find it curious that some people in Spira don’t seem to believe in Sin. It’s one thing not to believe in a deity or demon when they’re just some incorporeal spirit, but it seems pretty odd to cling to skepticism when said entity is actually showing up to physically destroy whole towns.


3 Responses to “Let’s put the N in Goers!”

  1. Sasarai Says:

    You know, that totally reminds me of the Left Behind series (or at least what i know of it via Slacktivist)– God shows his divine hand by stopping a missile attack (not in a way wherein it could have been a fault with the mechanics or anything, I mean “mysterious mid-air missile disappearance”), then teleports all the world’s children and a lot of its adults off to heaven, and generally does a whole ton of things exactly as they’re laid out in the premillennial dispensationalist prophecies.. and there are still people standing around going “huh, I need more proof…”.

  2. Karl Says:

    In the Touch Detective tutorial, if you decline at all the prompts for explanation, your character states that she’ll just look things up in the manual, much to the surprise of the character giving the tutorial. It amused me quite a bit.

    Are some of the towns in FFX not on the coast? Because I could see people who’ve never left such areas insisting that this “Sin” was really just a legend based on more mundane monsters / natural disasters. It would still be rather willfully ignorant, though. Or maybe they just don’t believe that Sin is anything more than a really, really big monster?

    Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to this before, but it’s still applicable.

  3. haounomiko Says:

    The world is very full of water. I think the Al Bhed may be landlocked because they live in a sandy desert, but they’ve actually had their town destroyed by Sin in the past, so I don’t think they disbelieve it.

    Even if they just think Sin is a big monster, there’s still obviously a big monster there to believe in– regardless of whether they really think Yevon sent it, etc.

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