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Some Things Just Aren’t Worth It May 27, 2008

Filed under: Specific games — haounomiko @ 9:27 pm

I’ve heard all about how Cooking Mama is a great game, and I like simulation-type games, so I thought I’d try it out.

I didn’t like it much. The problem is that it’s a good simulation. It is, in fact, very much like cooking for real. If I wanted to peel vegetables and try to saute everything so that it all gets cooked just the right amount at the same time, I would actually go into my kitchen and cook real food; then I would have a tasty dinner, which is a marginally better prize than a “Congratulations!” screen. (In point of fact, I usually do not want to do these things, which is why I am poster child for poor nutrition and not bothering to eat.)

Note to self: if someone makes a “clean out the catbox” game, no matter how well-received it might be, don’t bother.


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