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Lots of Loot! May 29, 2008

Filed under: Metagaming — haounomiko @ 11:18 pm

Not too long ago, I passed over getting a used copy of the DS game Touch Detective for $9.99 because I wasn’t sure whether it was any good; then I heard that it was, and that I should go back and get it if it was still available. Well, it was.

As were a lot of other things. Today seemed to be “tempting things you want being sold used!” day at GameStop, and I came away with quite a haul. I picked up Contact and Trace Memory, Ico (which I’ve been wanting an inexpensive copy of for a long time), and Wild Arms 3 (which I’ve heard is not great, but will probably provide me $4.99 worth of entertainment, which is what it cost). I passed over Tales of the Abyss (intriguing, but a bit expensive to add to my growing bargain-bin stack) and Shadow of the Colossus (which I can play at Justin’s place).

Now, if only I could find Silent Hill 1 for less than an arm and a leg (or, at least, the figurative equivalent– with Silent Hill, one wants to specify)…


2 Responses to “Lots of Loot!”

  1. darine Says:

    Yeah, I think you can get $5 of enjoyment out of WA3, even if it is not great.

  2. Suzume Says:

    WA3 is okay. Definitely worth $5. I was given it as a present a few years ago. : )

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