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Brick Breaking for Brokers July 28, 2008

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Some friends and I have been playing old Super Nintendo ROMs, somewhat at random. We found a version of Arkanoid called Doh It Again, which is aptly-named given how often one ends up saying “d’oh” while playing it. Perhaps the most notable part, however, is that the fanfare music introducing each attempt at a level is strongly reminiscent of a song from Final Fantasy VI, so much so that I often couldn’t stop laughing every time the level restarted. We joked that they wanted to use FFVI’s music but had to pay royalties by the second and could only afford one bar of it.

Really, there’s not much else to say about Arkanoid. I can, however, attest to having seen some amusing gaming shirts in the past few days, including a “Made in the 80s” Mario shirt and a field guide to the various fungi of the Mushroom Kingdom.


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