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No Word In Hymmnos For “Wait” October 2, 2008

I want to clarify some of what I said about Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I said that the plot was “kid-simple”, but in retrospect I feel I may have given the wrong impression. It’s not that it’s dull or a bad plot, but rather that it’s easy enough for a child to understand, and some of the characters’ motives are the sort of motives you get in children’s cartoons; one of your first tasks is to find someone’s missing pet cat, Layton often reminds his young apprentice to be a gentleman, and there’s a bad guy whose entire motive seems to consist of being The Villain in a “Curses! Foiled again!” sort of way. Having finished the game, though, I certainly found the story satisfying for what it was. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t a realistic adult story because it certainly wasn’t trying to be, and the plot resolution was just creative enough to feel like a fitting end. I hope I did not give an unduly negative impression of it in my earlier post by skimming over this detail. In contrast to MillionHeir, or, say, Kurupoto Cool Cool Stars, it certainly delivered plenty.

On another note, I seem to have gotten another of my friends hooked on Ar tonelico, simply by showing him the beginning. Again I say that it is a shame that no one has heard of it, because it really is a quite excellent RPG. It started out mildly surpassing my expectations and ended up far surpassing them. If only Atlus would promote their games a little more, this could have been a major hit instead of a very niche cult classic. Ar tonelico 2 is apparently coming out in the US in December, and I’ve already pre-ordered from the company’s website. Get it while it’s so hot it’s still in the oven. After all, there’s no word in the game’s conlang for “wait” (a fact that really amuses me, since it’s also a dating sim.)


4 Responses to “No Word In Hymmnos For “Wait””

  1. Ayulsa Says:

    There are, however, plenty of words for “eternity” and “love”. As nice as it is to focus on these things, I think that makes the lack of a “wait” word particularly problematic.

    Probably why Lyner promises himself to all these girls willy-nilly without waiting to consider the ramifications of that. Sapir-Whorf proves particularly damning for that world; the lack of a word for “wait” has evidently increased the rate of breakups something terrible, and damaged any number of poor young Reyvateils who let guys into their Cosmospheres without hesitation…

    It’s definitely still in the oven. They’re still working on configuring the audio. I wonder if it’ll be warm when it comes in the mail. (You got 30 minutes.)

  2. Ayulsa Says:

    …also, “Remember, in Hymmnos, there is no word for ‘wait'” would have been such a better advertising tag for AT2 than “The Goddess wants you… to buy this game!”

    It would have been really terrible if they’d put it on the box, though. That’s a sentiment that should only be applying to the preorder factor…

  3. haounomiko Says:

    Don’t tell me you’re watching a Pizza Tracker for Ar Tonelico 2.

  4. Ayulsa Says:

    …I kind of feel like I am, at times. XD

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