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I Left My Magical Item In Playthrough Two November 20, 2008

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I’ve continued my run of playing through old SNES games as ROMs, because it’s nice to revisit nostalgia for both the individual games and the feel of the whole system, and also because I feel a sense of accomplishment finishing something that I never previously stuck with. I am using save states and walkthroughs, so it’s no great accomplishment of skill, but I like to feel that I’ve explored the whole game and not left it hanging halfway through. To me, that’s more important than proving my skill, at least for most games. The theme of today’s post, however, is endings that are far inferior to the rest of the game.

So I finally finished Jurassic Park, which I’d previously mostly rented but had nostalgia for. It’s comprised of two distinct parts: indoors, where the camera is 3-D, and outdoors, where it’s top down. The indoor part is rather easy since you can take out most threats before they react to you, and healing items and ammo respawn whereas enemies don’t. So the only part that’s physically difficult, reflex-wise, about the game is the outdoor segments, where you are at a huge disadvantage because the dinos all move faster than you do and many of the most deadly ones run out of hiding when you get close.

The reason why this game can take a long time to complete if you don’t know it well is the complexity of the maps. It’s the sort of game where you can easily get lost, especially indoors, but there is no map– you have to map it yourself, or hold it all in your head. I’m pretty good at these things if I take them out methodically, but I did get lost a few times; I didn’t use the walkthroughs for maps, but rather just to tell me where to go next. I did feel accomplished when I eventually finished the game– no thanks to the ending, which consisted of a bad zoom out of a map that’s more poorly-rendered than anything else in the whole game, and a message saying, “Congratulations you have escaped Jurassic Park.” Woo hoo.

After that– because I only want to devote so much time per day slugging through Drakkhen– I started up Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts. I had thought I’d never played it on the pak, even though I had it, because I couldn’t remember it at all; but once I started playing I realised I had most definitely played it a little. There were things I don’t remember and think I probably would have recalled had I seen them, but I also do distinctly remember some other things. Perhaps some of them are similar to other games?

At any rate, I know I didn’t complete it. I would have remembered THAT ending, such as it were– the ending where the princess says that to beat the final boss you need to replay the entire game. At a higher difficulty level. What? Okay, it’s a short game, and the first time through it isn’t terribly hard, but talk about a cheap trick. She seems to have dropped her magical bracelet in hundreds of places throughout the second playthrough of the game, not just in level 1; couldn’t we just backtrack a little to get it? Sigh.


3 Responses to “I Left My Magical Item In Playthrough Two”

  1. Ayulsa Says:

    She seems to have dropped her magical bracelet in hundreds of places throughout the second playthrough of the game, not just in level 1

    That’s… quite a feat of quantum mechanics.

    Also, that “lol, you must replay to stand a chance of winning me” ending reminds me of a thing I read the other day that suggested the Princess was really just someone who got a kick out of seeing a suitor chase after her; she didn’t really want a relationship, she just wanted to see a hero fight on her behalf, so she set up all these challenges just so someone worthy of overcoming them would do so.

    It’s really rather a shame that text-screen game endings these days don’t even have the courtesy to be amusingly badly spelt. At least that made them fun to get.

  2. Ayulsa Says:

    (Um, in Super Mario Bros., to clarify, re: the Princess. I was going to namedrop him in the comment to confirm what I was talking about, and then forgot. XD)

  3. haounomiko Says:

    I’m actually more impressed by the feat of quantum mechanics that makes it appear only in the second playthrough…

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