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Jakuri Pod January 21, 2009

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A mini-update, since I know a few of you are big Ar tonelico fans.

Apparently there was some concern that “Musume Power” was going to be translated as “Hymn Code”, which would be weird, completely irrelevant, and misleading since 3rd gens don’t have Hymn Codes. Worry not– it’s actually been translated as “Girl Power”, after all.

Some other translated names: Luca Trulyworth (which I hear is an error, as “waath” is “rebirth” in Hymmnos), Cloche (probably correct), and Jacqli (don’t worry, Ayulsa will brainwash you out of it). Sadly, everyone’s favourite snack is called Funboons.


8 Responses to “Jakuri Pod”

  1. Ayulsa Says:

    Jakuri: so awesome that in the 38th Century, music players are named after her. XD

  2. Karl Says:

    You know how people will write “aboot” to denote that the speaker is from Canada, right? Well, just assume Funboons are a similar indicator of regional dialect.

  3. Ayulsa Says:

    …okay, now I’m going to be imagining the entire cast of AT2 with Canadian accents. Thank you. XD

  4. haounomiko Says:

    We can fix that by putting on the American accents… (I wonder if the feral Reyvateils say “Wee ki raaaaaar!”)

  5. Ayulsa Says:

    Please, let’s not “fix” it like that….

    Thankfully, I think the American dub is unlikely to have redone background music. Hopefully no localisation company will ever see fit to redo the hymns….

  6. orica Says:

    Wow, there’s so unsatisfied translation. probably they want to make a great changes. I prefer previous version character’s name.

  7. haounomiko Says:

    I do, too.

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    Jakuri’s pod, huh?
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