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Can We Ease The Pain Of Those Who Lost? November 5, 2008

Filed under: Unrelated topics — haounomiko @ 12:45 pm

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a non-game-related post, because I have something important to say.

Yesterday, California voted to outlaw gay marriage, even though gay people were already legally getting married and everyone could see they weren’t hurting anyone. It’s really sad: all those people going around congratulating themselves on breaking thousands of people’s hearts. And because it’s a minority group, they think it’s okay.

If you’re one of those people who just lost your rights, you’re probably hurt– not just because you lost them, but because 5.2 million people apparently don’t think you deserve them. If you have a partner, you’re probably hurt that more than half the people in your state don’t think your relationship is worth respecting. And if you’re not hurt about those things, I’m surprised, because a whole lot of people just did a really nasty, hurtful thing to you.

I’m not millions of people all by myself, but if it helps even a little, I care. I respect your relationships just as much as I respect any straight relationship– maybe more, since your relationship is obviously worth enough to you that you’ll put up with being disrespected for its sake, which you can’t say of many straight relationships. I wish you could get happily married if you want to. I’m just one person, but if I met you and heard about your situation, I’d tell you how much I want the best for you and really hope that everything works out for you even though you were just dealt a nasty blow yesterday.

If you’re in a loving relationship of any kind, I love that you love each other, because that’s a really good and important thing. If one person’s caring can alleviate the hatred of millions, even a little, then I want you to have mine.